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 The Only Firm With A Board Certified Elder Law Attorney in the Entire CSRA & Middle Georgia Areas

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Register for a Free Asset Protection & Estate Planning Workshop & Learn How To Get Your Ducks In A Row and Protect Your Family!

Our workshops are free and cover the basics of estate planning but focus on two major things:

1. Asset Protection Pre-Planning (planning for the future)

2. Medicaid Crisis Asset Protection Planning (planning for loved one in long term care now)

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You & your family will learn about the ways a Board Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) can help you:

  • How a CELA can obtain Medicaid qualification & protect your assets from total spend-down and the Estate Recovery Program in a nursing home crisis now

  • How A CELA can assist clients to set up their estate planning in such a way that their assets are protected from future long term care costs

  • How a CELA, by utilizing the right type of estate planning tools can even protect your family members you leave behind, like their inheritance from their creditors, divorce, bankruptcy, among other predators.

  • How to avoid the probate process when you pass away, and how to avoid the guardianship probate process if you become incapacitated.


Or you can always schedule a free asset protection or

estate planning consultation in a few clicks:



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