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Special Needs Planning & Special Needs Trusts Overview: 

The best interest of all family members is  served when you secure the counsel of an experienced Certified Elder Law Attorney or CELA who practices SPECIAL NEEDS PLANNING. Take comfort in knowing that you have performed a thorough investigation and planted  measures to preserve your family assets and expected benefits in order to provide your special needs child with the best future that you are able. Planning today and for the future can ensure the highest quality of life for your child with special needs.  Trusts can help families manage funds while also preserving a child’s eligibility for public benefits.  An experienced Special Needs Planner can help you devise the best solution for your child. Let us help!!

We encourage you to review the first of our five Special Needs Planning Guides that are available for you to view, download & review. These guides cover the following major Special Needs subject areas:

Once you've learned the basics you might consider attending a free workshop, or taking advantage of a free special needs planning consultation. 

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