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10 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Planning for a Loved One With Special Needs: 

Ever wonder whether you've done the right thing for your special needs loved one? Wondering how to do your planning so you "don't mess up their benefits later?"  Every parent worries about this when they have a special needs kid. Let us cut through all of the information & misinformation out there for you, and help you learn how to properly plan for them. 

The most popular estate plan in the United States is doing nothing. While not a good idea for anyone, it is particularly troubling when there is a loved one with special needs. If someone does nothing and then dies or becomes incapacitated, his or her estate is managed under the rules set forth in his state’s probate code. The state probate code does NOT consider whether a loved one has special needs. This could cause the wrong person being named to manage your loved one’s care or could even cost your loved one access to essential public benefits. Doing nothing is not an option. Learn how to avoid this biggest mistake, adn others, but reviewing this guide, the second of our five Special Needs Planning Guides that are available for you to view, download & review. 

Once you've learned the basics you might consider attending a free workshop, or taking advantage of a free special needs planning consultation. 

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