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Understanding Guardianship & Conservatorship through Probate Court: When A Loved One is Incapacitated: 

Guardianship is the process of having the Probate Court appoint an individual to manage the well being of an incapacitated individual, usually a family member. Technically, in Georgia like many states, we have two components:

  • Guardianship (to manage health care and other medical/placement decisions);

  • Conservatorship (to manage finances and property matters). 

If the incapacitated person planned ahead and signed durable powers of attorney for finances and health care, that person may not need a guardian or conservator because the person named in those documents can take charge. However, if no planning has been done, which unfortunately is a common occurrence, family members must ask a court to appoint a conservator and/or guardian. Contact us if you need to see Guardianship or Conservatorship of a loved one.

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