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Probate and Estate Administration: When A Loved One Passes Away: 

There are a number of different proceedings which may be filed in the Probate court following the death of a Georgia resident or a non-resident owning property in the State of Georgia. Proceedings are filed in the Probate Court of the county of the decedent's residence in Georgia or in the county where property of a non-resident is located.

It is suggested, though not required, that you discuss the matters of concern with an attorney who practices probate or estate law like The Smith Law Firm. An attorney can assist you in determining which proceeding is the most appropriate for your particular situation. Very often, there are other matters (e.g., tax returns, preparation of deeds, title transfers, benefit claims, creditor notices, debtor demands, etc.) which may also make it appropriate or necessary to seek the services of an attorney. Contact us to help administer your family's estate.

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