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Medicaid Qualification & Asset Protection Planning Is Complicated: Our Nine Guide Modules Can Help.

If you want to learn the basics (and more) about Medicaid Qualification & Asset protection for Nursing Home care, you're in the right place. We have developed nine guides covering the different aspects of this complicated area of the law. Once you have learned a little, we encourage you to schedule a free consulation or submit your case to us for a free Asset Protection Plan Analysis to learn your options.

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Guide 1: Overview of Nursing Home Medicaid


Learn the basics of Medicaid qualification, from the income rules to the asset rules; how Medicaid Estate Recovery liens work; how Medicaid transfer penalties work, and more. Then download the other 8 modules & learn more details. 

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Guide 4: Medicaid Estate Recovery Program


Learn about the Medicaid Estate Recovery Lien Program works, exceptions to the rules, and how to protect from "losing the house to Medicaid."

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Guide 7: Medicaid Crisis Asset Protection Case Examples


Learn about how we help families in crisis situations to protect assets & qualify for Medicaid, even at the last minute. While it is always better to plan ahead, this Module gives you real-world examples of how we assist families in "saving the farm."

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Why not schedule a free asset protection consultation?

There is no obligation, and you will simply know what options are available to you. After you schedule your appointment, you will receive a form that you must fill out in advance of your appointment. We will give you an hour or two fo our time, but we want the meetign to be valuable. As such, we need a decent amount of family & property/financial information ahead fo time so we can prepare to dicsuss the details of your case with you.

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Guide 2: Nursing Home Medicaid Income Rules


Learn all about how the Medicaid income rules work. Learn about the income caps/limits & how to get around them with the Qualified Income Trust. Also learn how spousal diversion of income works and how patient liability is calculated.

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Guide 5: Tricky Medicaid Rules on Life Insurance & Burial

Medicaid Series Module 5 - Burial & Life Insurance-jpg.jpg

Learn about how complicated the burial and life insurance rules are & how to make sure these convoluted rules do not cause your loved one to be denied for Medicaid.

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Guide 8: Asset Protection Pre-Planning Case Examples


Learn about how we can help families plan ahead of the crisis, and set those families up using the right types of trusts to protect assets. This module has numerous real-world case examples for clients in both married and unmarried scenarios.

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Want to know what we can do for you before you commit time to coming in for a free consult?Why not submit your case information for a free Asset Protection Analysis?

We will provide you a free asset protection analysis basedon your family's or your loved one's information - with no obligation. Our clients often want to know "what good we can do" before they come see us. You can, too:

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Guide 3: Nursing Home Medicaid Asset Rules


Learn about how Medicaid's asset rules work, and the different Medicaid limits for married couples vs. unmarried individuals. Learn how different types of assets are treated differently, such as how the house is treated, retirement funds such as IRAs, etc.

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Guide 6: Medicaid Penalties for Transferring Assets


Learn about how the Medicaid transfer penalty works and punishes families for transferring assets. Also, learn the exceptions to the Medicaid transfer penalty rules.

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Guide 9: What is a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA)?


Learn about what a Certified Elder Law Attorney or "CELA" is, what they bring to the table that other attorneys do not, and what a CELA can do for your family - especially when your family is facing a long term care crisis involving nursing home placement & Medicaid.

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Our Free Asset Protection Workshops are a hit with clients. You will learn a lot about estate planning & asset protection planning, in addition to other rules about probate, etc. Plus, all attendees will get their own free copy of our co-authored book "Tax Free Money for Long Term Care" just for attending one of our workshops.

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