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Medicaid Estate Recovery: "Losing The House to Medicaid or to the Nursing Home"

Worried about or heard about people "losing the house to Medicaid"? When people use those words, they are talking about the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program. This program states that for every dollar they spend on a person's care, they have a lien dollar for dollar against their estate: which would be their home. There are many rules and ways to plan around this, both ahead of time and even in a crisis. No doubt if you are facing this long term care situation, you or a loved one has had the following questions:

  • Will Medicaid take our house?
  • Will Medicaid have a lien on our house?
  • If they take it, when do they take it?
  • Is there planning I can do to protect our home from Estate Recovery?

All of these topics are covered in our guide, which you can easily view & download to on the right side of this page. Once you've learned the basics you might consider attending a free workshop, or taking advantage of a free asset protection consultation. Additionally, we offer you the ability to have us do a free asset protection analysis before you come in simply by submitting your information.