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Medicaid Planning In A Crisis:  An Overview of the Rules & The Need for Swift Action

When your family is faced with the situation where a loved one needs long term care in a nursing community, you need to act quickly. With the cost of nursing homes in Georgia averaging around $7,000 and rising, for every month you wait to learn your options and to implement a plan you lose around $7,000 (or more). Poke around & learn the rules, then schedule a free consultation to learn your options. The rules are complicated. Medicaid looks at your income, assets, property (both home & non-home property), savings, life insurance, retirement funds - all of your assets. And there are complicated rules that penalize the transfer of assets.

Let us walk you through the rules, see how your loved one fits into them, and what they can do to protect themselves by implementing an asset protection plan. We encourage you to review the first of our nine Medicaid Guides that are available for you to view, download & review. These guides cover the following major Medicaid subject areas:

Once you've learned the basics you might consider attending a free workshop, or taking advantage of a free asset protection consultation. Additionally, we offer you the ability to have us do a free asset protection analysis before you come in simply by submitting your information.