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Business Protection & Succession Planning: 

Think About This: Less than 7% of the 21.7 million business owners in the U.S. have a plan of attack such as life insurance protection for the smooth continuation of their business upon their death or retirement.

Having a plan in place protects the future of your business.

  • In a small business, the owner is not the only stakeholder. Co-owners, employees and clients may be affected when an owner retires, becomes disabled or dies. Planning ensures that the business that has been created can continue.

    A buy-sell agreement—a formal agreement that arranges for the purchase of the business upon the occurrence of certain events—is often a good strategy. A well thought out, adequately valued and funded buy-
    sell agreement can:

    • Assure a buyer for the business
    • Assure the business owner’s family a fair value for the business while reducing the costs and delays of probate
    • Reduce the risk of a proposed assessment from an IRS audit
    • Spell out the terms of the buyout, which can be funded with life insurance
    • Provide a smooth transition of complete control and ownership
    • Assure business continuity

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